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Seguro Médico Visa Estudiantes España

Health Insurance for student visa in Spain

This health care insurance is designed by DKV Medical Insurance for international students that are traveling to Spain and need to obtain the Spain Student Visa. This is not a travel in insurance but rather a medical insurance.

Policy Characteristics for Spain Student Visa Medical Insurance

  • Complete medical health insurance
  • Without deficiencies (except for childbirth): you will be able to use all the services from the first moment.
  • Without copayments! You will not pay more for going to your medical appointments.
  • Repatriation coverage is included in the event of death
  • Health Care assistance in case of obtaining covid-19

Meet all the requirements to be granted the visa and be able to travel to Spain to study.

This medical insurance policy is only valid for individuals who are traveling to Spain to do a study or internship program.

The complete healthcare assistance insurance is mandatory for all students who do NOT come from countries of the European Union or EEA (European Economic Area).

Price per person

1,27 €/day
  • Valid to Obtain the Student Visa
  • Most Economical Price in the Market

Requirements to register the medical insurance for the Spain Student Visa

  • Accreditation of the course.
  • Identification card or passport.
  • A minimum stay of 3 months in Spain

Main insurance coverages for the study visa in Spain

Primary care, medical specialties, and diagnostic tests

Assistance for contagion Covid-19

Hospitalisation and surgery

Emergencies to home

Gastos Médicos

Worldwide travel assistance

Dental service

Primary Assistance

  • 24-hour emergencies
  • General Medicine
  • Ambulances
  • Basic clinical analysis
  • Home assistance
  • Nursing

Specialists, diagnostic means and therapeutics

All specialties: cardiology, dermatology, neurology, tramautology, gynecology, oncology, etc. Podiatry, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation without limits Treatments in consultation: psychotherapy sessions, speech therapy…

Hospitalization and Medical Surgery

• Surgical interventions
• Obstetrics.
• Pediatric.
• Intensive Suveillance Unit (UVI)
• Compensation for hospitalizationwhen notin charge of DKV (80€/per day, maximum 2.400€).
•Unlimited days(except psychiatric maximum of 60 days / year).

Worldwide assistance in case of emergency

  • The world’s largest travel assistance in case of market emergencies
  • Trips of up to 180 days with a maximum limit of 20.000€
  • Transfer and repatriation of policyholders.
  • Early return
  • Legal defense
  • Advanced bail deposit of up to 6.000€.



1. I still don’t have an address in Spain to send the medical card, can I take out the insurance?

Don’t worry! You can put our office address: Calle Brasil 1 Duplicado Bajo, 41013 – Sevilla, Spain.

You will be able to change it as soon as you have an address.

2. Will I get a refund if my student visa is denied?

Yes, we will refund you all the money except 30€ for administrative expenses. We just need you to send us an email to: info@seguros-viajes.com  attaching the refusal letter from the embassy and we will proceed with the refund.

3. Does the DKV health insurance meet the embassy requirements for the student visa in Spain?

Of course it does! It is a medical insurance tailor made to obtain the visa in Spain 100% guaranteed.

 4. Once I contract the medical insurance for the student visa, how long does it take to receive my documents for the embassy?

You will receive the documents in less than 24 hours if the hiring is done with the business hours in Spain!

5. What is the price of the medical insurance?

We offer very competitive prices. The price of DKV health insurance is 1,27 €/day up to the actuarial age of 40 years old (ask us for other ages).

6. About us

Easy-Go is an insurance agent legally established in Spain and registered in the Spanish General Insurance Directorate (www.dgsfp.mineco.es) with the registration number: C0161B90049073. It commercializes the medical insurance for student visa of the DKV insurance company.

What are the requirements for the medical insurance demanded by the Spanish embassy for the study visa?

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1. Medical health insurance valid throughout the whole stay

2. Letter from the insurance company stating that it is 100% covered with no deductibles or copays

3. Travel insurance is not allowed. It has to be a medical health insurance.

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