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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about travel insurance

As normal, when it comes to purchasing travel insurance, some questions arise. In this section we clarify the most frequent doubts of our clients. In this section we clarify the most frequent doubts of our clients.

How to take out a travel insurance?

It is very simple In this linkyou fill in the data, make the payment of the travel insurance by card or bank transfer and we will send you via email your insurance travel policy, the general conditions and the invoice for the payment made.

Where to call in an emergency?

Once the policy is used, you will be provided with a 24-hour helpline for every day of the year.

What to do if you need medical assistance?

You must call the 24-hour helpline. They will ask you for your name, policy number and a brief description of the problem. They will inform you of the next steps you need to do. Basically, two things can happen:

  1. There is a medical center that is arranged with the insurance company in the place you are staying. In this case you do not have to pay for the visit.
  2. There is no concerted medical center. You must pay for the visit and the company will reimburse you.

It is very important to request the medical report and original bill of expenses.

What happens if I need to go to the doctor for an emergency and don’t call the 24-hour helpline first?

Don’t worry, you will still be covered by the travel insurance. Don’t worry, you will still be covered by the travel insurance. In this case, you will have to pay the expenses and they will reimburse you once you send the medical report and the original invoiceof the expenses to the insurance company.

I have already taken out a travel insurance, can you provide me with a list of medical centers in the city where I travel?

No, this information is provided to you when you call the 24-hour helpline. Depending on the severity, one medical center or another will be provided. Sometimes we can even send a doctor where you are staying.

Can I request a refund for the call to the 24-hour helpline?

Yes, as long as it is justified and provide the proof of the expenses.

In which languages will my call be answered?

The 24-hour assistance center is located in Spain and they will assist you in Spanish. Staff who speak other languages are also available. Staff who speak other languages are also available.

I am going to study at an American university, will Easy-Go insurance be accepted?

Yes, but you must take out the Premium insurance (unlimited medical expenses) or Plus insurance (€60,000 medical expenses). Basic insurance does not work for the United States.

I am going to be abroad for several months, can I pay the insurance in installments?

It is not posible. Payment of the insurance premium must be paid in full for the entire stay.

Do I have to pay some excess in Easy-Go travel insurance?

No, there is no need to pay anything.

Has it a different price for minors or babies?

No, the price is the same.

I am going to do an Erasmus stay, is it mandatory to have insurance?

Yes, since 2012 the Spanish Service for internationalization (SEPIE) established travel insurance as mandatory for all Erasmus students. Health care would be covered by the European Health Card but they need travel insurance that at least covers repatriation and civil liability.